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The Oldies Music Board » When Rock & Roll Got Religion » April 12, 2021 9:40 pm

Jim Southern
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One of the most obvious of the hit recordings in this topic has to be "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic" by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, reaching #11 on the Cashbox 100 in the fall of 1959.  I remember hearing Mitch Miller thanking the DJ's on KFWB (Los Angeles) for making it their "pick of the week".  Back in my DJ days I was doing an all-night shift on a Top 40 station in SLC, UT.  I played "Battle Hymn" as an oldie during my 6 hour shift, and found out the next morning that I was the only station that had not been knocked off the air overnight by a fierce lightning storm.  Amen!!

The Oldies Music Board » Songs with spoken passages » March 28, 2021 9:47 am

Jim Southern
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I'm surprised that no one (including me) has mentioned an artist who had numerous hits that combined singing and talking.  Consider...
"Shame On Me"
"Detroit City"
"500 Miles From Home"
"Miller's Cave"
Yep, Bobby Bare had those and probably a few more.  Of course, he launched his sting of hits with "All American Boy" back in December, 1958.

The Oldies Music Board » Songs with spoken passages » March 27, 2021 8:56 pm

Jim Southern
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I'm surprised that nobody (including me) has mentioned the singer who has a whole litany of songs with both singing and talking.  Here are just some of the hits by Bobby Bare that demonstrate his narration skills...
"Shame On Me"
"Detroit City"
"500 Miles Away From Home"
"Miller's Cave"
Of course, he got an early start with his hit "All American Boy" back in 1959.

The Oldies Music Board » A Salute!! » March 21, 2021 10:10 pm

He's not been mentioned too many times here on the board, but one of my all time favorites is Johnny Tillotson.  From 1959 to 1969 he landed 26 hits on the Cashbox 100, 13 that made the Top 40 with his biggest "Poetry In Motion" hitting the #2 spot in late 1960.  Just as "Poetry.." was starting it's run, Johnny was on a tour with Roy Orbison and Mark Dinning.   They had a stop in Wichita Falls, TX so my buddy and I (in the USAF at nearby Sheppard AFB) headed into town to take in the show.  We were early so we stopped in to the local record store.  I was standing near the door when Johnny came walking in.  I managed to shake his hand as he headed by.  I was already a bit of a fan since his "Why Do I Love You So" had reached #8 on the KRLA (Los Angeles) Top 50 earlier in the year.  Since that was my senior year in high school, it was around when all kinds of great memories were taking place.  We really enjoyed the show, notable that Roy was wearing a rhinestone cowboy outfit in those days.  Two years later, in the Fall of 1962, when I started my radio career, Johnny's hit of "It Keep's Right On A-Hurtin'" had just finished it's run, but the LP of the same name was on our playlist and I played at least one track every show.  Thanks Johnny, for the hits and a lot of good music!

The Oldies Music Board » Songs with spoken passages » March 21, 2021 12:33 pm

Jim Southern
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I thought of one more.  The immortal words said so many times... "If there's anyone here.....  Then, Etta James loudly announces "Wait, wait!  Stop the wedding!"

The Oldies Music Board » Songs with spoken passages » March 20, 2021 2:03 pm

Jim Southern
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I'll throw in a few from the 'country' side...."Big John" by Jimmy Dean, especially the closing phrase.  Considered by many to be George Jones biggest and best, "He Stopped Loving Her Today".  "Hillbilly Heaven" by Tex Ritter.

The Oldies Music Board » A Classic Oldies Music Special Not Seen Since 1965 Resurfaces On PBS » March 9, 2021 3:45 pm

Jim Southern
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Cannibal & Headhunters would certainly not be listed among the legends, but two things they did were....
They toured with the Beatles in 1964.
The famed "Na-Nanana-Na-Nanana-Na-Nana-Na-Nana-Na" scat singing in "The Land Of 1000 Dances" lived on for many years.

The Oldies Music Board » The Kalin Twins (pronunciation) » February 21, 2021 1:32 pm

Kalin is pronounced as in Kane.  That's the way Dick Clark said it and that's good enough for me!

The Oldies Music Board » The Shadows of Motown! » February 19, 2021 12:43 am

I watched my copy of "Standing In The Shadows of Motown" last night and noted their claim that the Funk Brothers had played behind more #1's than the Beatles, Elvis, Stones and Beach Boys #1's combined.  That piqued my research button so I plowed through my Whitburn collection (25 or so) and wrote the info down.  My findings....
Artist ... #1 hits (only from the Hot 100, not the R&B charts)
Beatles - 20
Elvis - 18
Stones - 8
Beach Boys - 4
Total ----  50!
Motown (only those hits on a Motown label!)
Supremes - 12
Stevie Wonder - 8
Diana Ross (solos) - 5
Boys 2 Men - 5
Lionel Richie (solos) - 5
Temptations - 4
Jackson 5 - 4
Marvin Gaye - 3
4 Tops - Miracles - Commodores - 2 each
Michael Jackson - Marvelettes - Thelma Houston - Eddie Kendricks - 1 each
Total - 56
I might have missed 1 or 2, but once I got easily past 50, their claim was verified and that's what counted.
I have to confess that I had a little bit of awareness about the Funk Brothers.  Back about 1966, I got a instrumental single from 'Earl Van Dyke & Soul Brothers' doing one of the Motown hits (I forget which one).  I wish I could find it again.

The Oldies Music Board » What Would Have Happened Had Buddy Holly Lived? » February 4, 2021 2:06 am

My guess is that sooner or later. Buddy would have ventured into Country Music, either as a performer or as a producer. Since Buddy was from Texas, he surely would joined his fellow Texans like the 'Big Bopper' (writer of the George Jones hit "White Lightning') and Jimmy Bowen (who helped Garth Brooks get started).

The Oldies Music Board » Sax Appeal! » February 3, 2021 12:26 pm

Jim Southern
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The reference to "Harlem Nocturne" stirred my curiosity up a bit.  The first time I heard the Viscounts take, I recognized the song and knew the title.  I'd heard it before, more than a few times.  However, when I looked it up in my handy Whitburn "Pop Memories 1890 - 1954", I was quite surprised.  I only found one listing for the song, by a noted sax player Herbie Fields, who had been in the Lionel Hampton band for a time.  Even more surprising, it only charted for one week at #24 in 9/53. The Viscounts hit with it twice, in 1960 and again in 1965.  That is the total singles activity for the song.  Another song in that same vein was the sax featured "Night Train" by Buddy Morrow, a #27 hit in 1952, based on a riff from a Duke Ellington recording.  It was also covered by the Viscounts, but barely made it to the lower end of the Billboard 'Hot 100" in 1960.  That was another song that I liked, but I am sure that I heard the Buddy Morrow original on the radio somewhere.  My Dad listened to music radio a lot so I got a good introduction to the songs and artists of the pre-rock days.

The Oldies Music Board » Useless Bits of Trivia » January 31, 2021 6:34 pm

Plas Johnson was indeed a player back then.  My guess to his most famous gig was his work on the "Pink Panther Theme".  Also his name should be added to my list of Sax players in my recent post!!

The Oldies Music Board » Sax Appeal! » January 30, 2021 11:16 pm

Jim Southern
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Given the current day travel and gathering restrictions, I have revisited my DVD collection.  Given my Country music experience, I have looked at about 40 of the "Family Reunion" discs.  Once I was through with them, I turned to my 11 disc section of the PBS "Doo Wop" specials and other memory topics.  One thing I noticed that I can't recall us ever talking about was the abundance of saxophone players in the early rock groups and recordings.  The only individual players I could name right off the bat were King Curtis (on so many of the Atlantic/Atco hits), Rudy Pompilli (of "Rudy's Rock" and Bill Haley & Comets fame), Boots Randolph (A Nashville player) and Clarence Clemons (with Springsteen).  I know there were a bunch of hits in the mid to late 1950's that included a sax section like "Raunchy", most of the Billy Vaughn releases, the Bill Black Combo, Duane Eddy and so on, but I just wanted to give a shout out to them all.

The Oldies Music Board » Perry Botkin Jnr RIP » January 24, 2021 4:11 am

Sad news indeed.  I was familiar with his name, having read it on record labels and in the trade mags over the years.   RIP and thanks for the music!

The Oldies Music Board » Another look back! » January 22, 2021 1:20 am

As we start the new year, i was thinking back to the old board and it brought to mind a couple of favorite topics that got a lot of attention.  The first was Linda Scott.  She charted 11 times on the Hot 100, and was on a TV show for awhile.  I wrote a fan letter to her in 1961 when I was in Japan and did get a return note.  Her "Starlight, Starbright" LP was the first 33 I bought with my own money, at the Tachikawa AF Base in Japan.  Her "Never In A Million Years" single was the first record I played the night I made my Top 40 radio DJ debut in September of '62.  I still have the actual 45 in my collection.  One added story...I got out of the USAF in early 1964 and went back to my folks place in Torrance, CA (L.A. County).  I was playing at a bowling alley one afternoon when I noticed a rather attractive girl about 5 lanes away.  There seemed to  be about 6 various 'suits' hanging out with her, engaged in serious conversation.  Later I got to thinking about that and after looking at the album cover of Linda's LP, I will always be convinced that it was Linda doing the bowling surrounded by agents, managers and lawyers.  I'll never know for sure but it's a fun memory to look back on.
The second is Dickey Lee whose "Laurie (Strange Things Happen)" seemed to show up in some thread about once a week.  He actually had a pretty decent career.  In addition to "Laurie", he had two Top 10 hits with "Patches" and "I Saw Linda Yesterday".  Later he rambled over to Nashville and Country Music.  While he was enjoying his Pop success in 1962, he wrote what is considered one of the all-time great country songs, a 6 weeks at #1 hit for George Jones called "She Thinks I Still Care".  Starting in 1971 until 1981, he had 17 country hits as an artist including 1 #1 "Rocky" and is credited with 20 BMI awards as a writer.
I just wanted to toss those two names into the mix and relive their memorable songs!

The Oldies Music Board » Jimmie Rodgers, Early Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, Dies at 87 » January 20, 2021 12:36 am

Jimmie spent about an hour at my radio station (KMOR, SLC, UT) back in 1966 visiting with us.  A very pleasant afternoon indeed.  Back on the other board, there was much discussion concerning Jimmie and his head injury but since he lived to 87 I guess he got through it.  One of my favorite memories of Jimmie was in September of 1964, I was on my way to Butte, MT from L.A. to work at KXLF-AM.  I must have heard Jimmie's "The World I Used To Know" at least 7 times during my trip and it still brings back the delightful memories of my youth setting off to visit the world.
Jimmie put 25 songs on the 'Hot 100' from 1957 - 1967.  Thank you Jimmie for lots of great listening and memories.  RIP

The Oldies Music Board » Phil Spector Has Passed » January 18, 2021 12:17 am

The whole Phil Spector story is just plain sad.  He left behind so much great music.  His early to mid 1960's "Wall of Sound" releases were always on the charts.  Some noteworthy hits included "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'", named as the most played record on the radio for the 20th Century.  "A Christmas Gift For You" is still a favorite LP of mine 57 years after it came out.  I especially like the "Bells Of St. Mary" track.  Be sure to add his brief appearance in the movie "Easy Rider" to his many credits.

The Oldies Music Board » Battle of the Bands -- The Skyliners vs The Casinos » January 13, 2021 12:00 am

I like them both, but I do tend to favor the Skyliners.  The Casinos had 1 Top 10 and one other chart hit at #65.  The Skyliners had 3 in the Top 40 and 2 more also rans.  I do believe that my choice is based on the Skyliners  being a part of my 11th and 12th grade memories of my high school years.  Dancing to their hits with girls who otherwise ignored me and becoming a go-to fellow for pop music info among my peers.  When the Casinos hit, I had already left the pop scene and was making my place as a Country Music DJ.

The Oldies Music Board » Ed Bruce RIP » January 12, 2021 11:51 pm

Ed Bruce had a long and varied career as a singer, songwriter, actor and commercial spokesperson.  He landed 20 songs as a singer on the C&W Top 40 from 1975 to 1987.  He appeared on the "Country Family Reunion" shows a few times and was very interesting.

The Oldies Music Board » Country Star Misty Morgan Dies Aged 75 » January 5, 2021 12:22 pm

Sorry to hear of Misty's passing.  Jack & Misty did have 7 recordings that made the C&W Top 40 in the early 1970's, and "Tennessee Bird Walk" spent 2 weeks at the #1 spot.

The Oldies Music Board » Study: Your favorite pop songs likely trace from when you were 14 » January 4, 2021 9:20 pm

That study certainly didn't include me.  My Dad loved music and so we had a lot of music around the house and I gained some all-time favorites when I was 4 or 5 years old.  They include...
"Guitar Boogie" - Arthur Smith
"Boogie Woogie" - Tommy Dorsey
"Begin The Beguine" - Artie Shaw
"Cool Water" - Sons Of The Pioneers
"Goodnight Irene" - Weavers
They are all still favorites.  When they show up as I ramble through my CD collection, I'll always hit the button for one more replay.
Besides, when I turned 14, I was living on Guam and pop music was pretty scarce out there.

The Oldies Music Board » Why News Voice In Simon & Garfunkel's "Silent Night" Is Very Familiar » December 29, 2020 12:56 am

I have to confess it's a treat to see Charlie O'Donnell mentioned.  Prior to W.O.F., he was a mid-day jock on KRLA, Los Angeles.  Back in the 1980's, my brother worked at CBS Hollywood where Wheel was taped.  I dropped by one day and Wheel was just about to get underway so he got me into the audience.  After the show was over, I wandered up to the stage and called out the Charlie.  He came right over and we had a very pleasant few minutes visiting, especially talking about radio DJ stories.  I think he liked that I wanted to talk with him, not Pat or Vanna.  A great guy!!

The Oldies Music Board » Battle Of The Bands » December 25, 2020 1:15 pm

I was in Los Angeles in May of '65 when it came out and both sides got plenty of air time.  I refer to "Gloria" and "Baby, Please Don't Go" by Them (Van Morrison).  That version also included the dreaded line "She come up to my room" which was not in the Shadows release.  I prefer Them's original. In 1966 the Shadows of Knight reached #10 in BB so Them's version was re-released and reached #71.

The Oldies Music Board » Chad Stuart Of Chad & Jeremy Gone At 79 » December 22, 2020 1:01 pm

Their songs always bring back the pleasant memories of my radio DJ days, when they were automatics on our playlists.  "Yesterday's Gone" is my favorite, with "If I Loved You" a close second.

The Oldies Music Board » Favorite Christmas Song(s) » December 22, 2020 12:48 pm

While I don't think of it as a Christmas song, it is on the "Phil Spector Christmas" album, so I would list "The Bells Of St. Mary" as a favorite by Bobb B. Soxx & Blue Jeans.  It is the perfect 'wall of sound' example.
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir entire Christmas catalogue rates with me.  However, my favorite is the lesser known "Baby, What You Goin' To Be" from their "White Christmas" album.
I also favor the entire Carpenters Christmas offerings.
For a novelty, I enjoy Stan Freberg's "Green Christmas".

The Oldies Music Board » Andy Kim Recalls The Creation Of "Sugar Sugar" » December 20, 2020 10:01 pm

Mystery, this was the third release by the Archies and their first one "Bang-Shang-A-Lang" had made it to #9 in Cashbox so they were already a known recording act.  They were on network TV so they were an established commodity.  That was all you needed back then to get a decent shot on any Top 40 station.

The Oldies Music Board » Is This The Greatest Top 40 Singalong Oldie Of All Time? » December 15, 2020 8:06 am

Jim Southern
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One that I have used multiple times is the "Na Na Na Na Na....." from the long forgotten Cannibal & The Headhunters and then again by well known Wilson Pickett in "The Land Of 1000 Dances".  I do recall hearing it elsewhere but can't remember where.

The Oldies Music Board » Charley Pride R.I.P. » December 13, 2020 5:21 pm

Jim Southern
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I didn't think too much of the article.  I was at a Country Music radio station in 1966 and as I recall, we knew Charley was black about the time we got his first record in the mail.  It should be noted that by the time "Kiss An Angel..." was released, Charley was already an automatic add to every country station playlist.  The success it had for the pop charts was the result of a marketing push by RCA. Their success with pop hits for Country stars like Jim Reeves, Eddy Arnold, Skeeter Davis, Bobby Bare, Floyd Cramer and Hank Locklin showed that they were experts in that!  The main reason for Charley's overall success was that he was a true country music singer, not a cross over.  The country audience could sense that, so he didn't cause too much commotion as his stardom rose.  A great singer, a great guy and a Country Music Legend!

The Oldies Music Board » Charley Pride R.I.P. » December 12, 2020 11:48 pm

Jim Southern
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While I was at KMOR in Salt Lake City, we were among the first radio stations to play Charley Pride's records.  We always tried to boost any artist from the Rocky Mountain area, and Charley being from Montana at that time was all we needed to know.  I did meet Charley about 10 years ago when he was in concert at a local Indian casino.  I did get my picture taken with him and an album autographed.  He was very gracious to be around and I enjoyed our visit.  His career was highlighted by 60 hits in the C&W Top 40 and he really was a true Country Music artist.  Thanks Charley and R.I.P.

The Oldies Music Board » A Hot 200 Album Chart Star!! » December 4, 2020 10:19 pm

As the years have flown by, I reflect often on recordings I used to love but just show up now and then for me these days.  I do find it interesting what songs and artists I favor now that I also did years ago.  One that I especially enjoy listening to now was a big star on the LP charts, from March-1957 to December-1973.  He logged 50 albums (plus a few extra weeks for his Christmas releases) for a total of 1,121 Weeks.  He received 3 Platinum and 7 Gold RIAA awards with 12 making it to the Top 10.  He also landed 5 singles on the Hot 100 with one hitting the Top 10 and winning a Grammy award.  I speak of Ray Conniff, who was a mainstay of Columbia records for many years.  In his early years on the label he was the conductor backing up their stars, including Johnny Mathis, Guy Mitchell's #1 "Singing The Blues" and Marty Robbins' "A White Sport Coat".  His Top 10 single of course was "Somewhere My Love" in 1966.  Ray passed away in Nov. '02 but he left a lot of great music behind.  Favorites of mine include "Invisible Tears". "The Way You Look Tonight" and "Dancing In The Dark".  Best of all, he sounds just right on my car stereo, and that's what matters.

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