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April 2, 2022 1:35 pm  #1

C. W. McCall has passed.

It is reported that C. W. McCall has died.  Known for his #1 pop and country hit recording of "Convoy", he was 93 years old.  His given name was William Fries and he was primarily an advertising professional.  He first hit the music charts with an advertising campaign for the Mertz Bread Company about the "Old Home Filler-up an' Keep On-A-Truckin' Cafe".  That song proved so catchy that when it was released, it reached #19 on the Country charts and #54 on the pop music listing in the summer of 1974.  In late '75, CB radios had landed full force among the various trucking companies drivers and "Convoy" was the right record at the right time and hit #1 in January of '76.  McCall had one other pop Top 40 chart single called "Wolf Creek Pass" and hit the C&W Top 40 9 times.


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