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April 3, 2023 5:12 pm  #1

The dance to "Cry to Me" (My Wife Asks)

My wife found some videos of dancing to the song "Cry To Me" on youtube. Does this dance have a name?
Or does everyone create their own steps to that catchy tune and no one ever named it?


April 4, 2023 9:32 am  #2

Re: The dance to "Cry to Me" (My Wife Asks)

I know a lot of latin and ballroom dances, and so I gave it a listen to see what I'd be inclined to do to it. My first thought was that I could do Cha Cha to it or perhaps Rumba. So I did some searching and found both possibilities shown for it online, but what was really interesting to me was to find the following link.
I wasn't surprised to see both Carolina Shag and West Coast Swing listed for it. I don't do either dance, but several years ago I did do some West Coast Swing lessons and I think it's got the right kind of beat for West Coast (which is totally different from the better-known East Coast Swing), and from what I know about Carolina Shag it would be right for this dance as well. The website also lists Foxtrot which I do know how to do, but personally I'd find it kind of hard to make work for this song. The bottom line is that there are several dances that could be done to it. 


April 4, 2023 5:00 pm  #3

Re: The dance to "Cry to Me" (My Wife Asks)

Thank you for the explanation. The website you mentioned is very interesting.
So my wife will call this dance (to herself) "Cry To Me Dance"...

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