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May 30, 2023 12:07 pm  #1

Rare Live Radio Performance Of The Beatles Goes Online

Just when you think there's nothing you haven't heard from The Beatles comes something new - er, old. The BBC used to broadcast a comedy radio program called "The Ken Dodd Show," On Oct. 23rd, 1963, just before the Fab Four hit it big in North America, the Liverpool Lads appeared on Dodd's show with a live performance of what would become one of their first international smash hits, "She Loves You."

There's nothing really that special about their appearance, other than they only were allowed to sing that one song. But perhaps it's what's not there that counts - no screaming, no hysteria and you can hear everything. It would not be long before that was no longer the case. 

The rediscovered broadcast was on BBC Radio 4, but is also online. I don't believe you need a VPN to hear it. Click on the link below and scroll ahead to the 4-minute mark to hear The Mop Tops just as they were on the verge of the super stardom we all remember. If nothing else, the fact the song sounds so much like the record we all know from back then proves what great live musicians they really were. 

Long lost Beatles performance turns up on old 1963 BBC comedy show

Hear It Here



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