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January 19, 2019 6:22 am  #1

Story II

Back in '66-'67 when I was the morning DJ on KMOR in SLC, UT I would visit a local nightclub now and then when they brought in various live performers.  Ones that I remember include Jerry Wallace of "In The Misty Moonlight" and "Primrose Lane" fame.  I would always find out about upcoming shows a week or two prior and try to drop in the afternoon of the appearance when they would be rehearsing.  I was able to do that and spent a few minutes visiting with Jerry.  He had begun his transition to the C&W genre and enjoyed visiting with DJ's in the field and I was one at that time.  He went on to enjoy 19 C&W Top 40 hits through the 70's.

A pop band that I enjoyed listening to was called "The Fourmost Authority".  I understood that they were from the East Coast somewhere (Boston?) but had hit the top 10 in SLC with their song "Dance, Dance".  They did a few shows at the club and were well received.

A group from the Texas area appeared and I did visit with them when they were rehearsing.  I can't recall their name but I would bet that they did go on to have a hit record or two. 

However, the big thrill came the night this act showed up.  No afternoon visit but one of my DJ buddies and I managed to get a good table for the performance.  During an intermission, we went on back to the dressing room area and approached the one where the star was resting.  There was a guy guarding the door, but he recognized me from previous visits, so he knocked on the door and asked if we could come in.  The OK was given so we entered the room and sat down to visit with Bill Haley himself.  He was very gracious and we spent about 15 minutes talking with him.  It seems he was touring the Western states trying to get an invite into Las Vegas.
After we finished, we were back at our table and enjoyed another hour of the big hits of Bill Haley & Comets.
I never did find out if he made it into Vegas but I still am amazed that 10 years before he had been playing to audiences of 10,000+ and now here he was in a club that held maybe 150 or so.


January 19, 2019 10:16 am  #2

Re: Story II

He would have been one of my choices for a 15 min conversation, very cool


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