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December 25, 2019 11:51 am  #1

Song title

On the old board, Ron took lists of 10 songs nominated by each members, compiled the results and published a list of the songs ranked by number of submissions. 

There was one song at or near the top every year.  I think it was alleged that the Canadian members caused it to rank high.  The name may have been French.  I think it was unpopular with some people showing up every year. 

Sound familiar to anyone?  What was the title?


December 25, 2019 12:29 pm  #2

Re: Song title

That was "Ame Caline (Soul Coaxing)" by Raymond Lefevre & His Orchestra. I don't think that it made the Labor Day 500 the first several times that the votes were conducted, but then a certain Canadian (whom I'll refer to as "L") started posting about how he had looked for this song for a long time despite not having even heard it for many years, because he liked it so much. Then it started appearing on the LD500 and Ron commented on it getting a lot of votes from Canadians, which may have at least partly been because it was a bigger hit in Canada (it only reached #37 on Billboard, but got to #19 on CHUM). I have it on good authority that Ron's comments came as a surprise to L, but he didn't mind it at all ... he even started alleging that there was a Canadian conspiracy involved, and that he was at the centre of it. Ame Caline did get quite high on the LD500, but then started dropping significantly on subsequent surveys ... I don't know how unpopular it became, but maybe L was a bit too successful with his Canadian conspiracy allegations. It's probably just as well that we're no longer doing the LD500 here, given that we now have a Canadian running this forum.


December 25, 2019 1:17 pm  #3

Re: Song title

That of course is it.  For some reason Ma Belle Amie was going through my mind earlier and reminded me of the song but I thought it had “Ami” in the title.  I forgot all about the alternate “Soul Coaxing”.Thanks

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December 27, 2019 9:44 am  #4

Re: Song title

I was curious if it would be possible to access the old Labor Day 500 lists via the Wayback Machine. I found that it is, at"> And more specifically, you can see how each song did year by year at">


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