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April 22, 2020 8:34 am  #1

Upcoming Beatles Documentary Promises "New" Music

Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be any more undiscovered Beatles songs comes this tease - Peter Jackson's new documentary, "Get Back," promises some tunes (or at least part of tunes) never released before. That in itself is enough to make me want to see this film from the director of all those "Lord Of The Rings" movies. 

And while nearly all of us have seen some of the famous rooftop performance from 1969, the flick promises to show the entire 42 minutes of the performance, something you rarely if ever see. 

The project uses previously unseen footage from the original Let It Be, along with hours of never heard audio interviews, and purports to give a very different look at the band on the verge of a break-up. And then there's that promise of "new" music:

"In addition to the 55 hours’ worth of film, Jackson is also working with 140 hours’ worth of audio recordings. Several of the songs culled during the sessions were included in the 1996 Anthology 3 compilation, which featured outtakes and demos from “The White Album", "Abbey Road" and "Let It Be". However, there is plenty of music that hasn’t been officially released."

The one thing the linked article doesn't explain, however, is exactly where we'll be able to see it. Will it be released to theaters? (If they ever reopen.) Or will it be contained to Disney's streaming service? Hopefully, someone will "Get Back" to us with that info before the September 2020 release.

The Beatles’ ‘Get Back’ Documentary: Everything You Need To Know

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