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August 30, 2020 3:35 pm  #1

How The Cyrkle Bounced From “Red Rubber Ball” To The Beatles

Q: Who was the opening act for The Beatles on their very last ever tour, before they quit performing live for good?
A: The Cyrkle, a band managed by the Fab Four’s Brian Epstein.
That’s just one of the revelations in a pretty illuminating article about one of rock’s two-hit wonders and how they traveled in the same circle (Cyrkle?) as the world’s greatest rock group.
Among the revelations:
-Who came up with that famous opening organ riff for “Red Rubber Ball.”
-How they came to realize before anyone else that the Beatles were finished touring for good.
-The group member who later went on write the famous Alka Seltzer jingle, “plop plop, fizz fizz, oh, what a relief it is.”
-And of course the true story behind John Lennon and the spelling of the group’s name – and the lost piece of memorabilia behind it.
“There we were in this studio and one day Brian Epstein comes up to me and hands me his business card. I turned it over and scribbled on this card is a C and a — ‘I can't make out what this says,’ ” I said.
“Brian, always very gentlemanly, says, ‘(in British accent) Oh Don, this is your new name and it's the Cyrkle and notice the funny spelling,’ ” Dannemann said.
“Epstein said, ‘I asked the boys back in Britain. I told them we have a new American group and we need a new name and it was John who came up with the Cyrkle with the funny spelling.’ It would have been so awesome if I had framed it, but of course, the card went into the trash the next day — that's the sad part about that.”
I always liked the Cyrkle’s two biggest hits ("Turn Down Day" was the other one) but was never sure what happened to them. This article fills in a lot of blanks.
Life goes full 'Cyrkle'

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