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September 23, 2020 8:01 pm  #1

The Sad Ending Of The Woman Behind "Please Mr. Postman"

It was Motown's first #1 hit and the first for the Marvelettes. But it was Georgia Davis-Dobbins' last, a classic record she co-wrote and sang on, but refused to talk about much for the rest of her life. A pretty sad "what might have been" story for the woman who passed away last week at age 78.

The tune lives on, has been redone by everyone from the Beatles to the Carpenters and remains a rock and roll classic. You can only wonder what else she might have contributed to music, if not for her family's objections. 

"...for decades, Dobbins wanted nothing to do with “Please Mr. Postman.” For 35 years, she worked as a cashier at Farmer Jack, a now-defunct Detroit-area supermarket chain, and never told anyone about the song. Watts says her mother told her not to mention it to anyone either: “She said, ‘When you have that type of fame, you have fake friends. You don’t need to deal with that.’ And I left it at that.” "

Georgia Dobbins Davis, Unsung Motown Hero Who Co-Wrote ‘Please Mr. Postman,’ Dead at 78 


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