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January 23, 2021 5:56 pm  #1

Perry Botkin Jnr RIP


January 23, 2021 8:26 pm  #2

Re: Perry Botkin Jnr RIP

What the story doesn't say is that "Nadia's Theme" - also the theme for the soap The Young and The Restless - isn't the song's real title. It was actually called "Cotton's Theme" and was first heard in the movie "Bless The Beasts & The Children." It's not the most well known flick, but it remains one of my all time favorite movies and it's where I first remember hearing it. 


January 24, 2021 3:17 am  #3

Re: Perry Botkin Jnr RIP

Remember it well, one of my late wife's favorites . I think Bill Mumy from Lost In Space took one of the main parts. 

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January 24, 2021 4:11 am  #4

Re: Perry Botkin Jnr RIP

Sad news indeed.  I was familiar with his name, having read it on record labels and in the trade mags over the years.   RIP and thanks for the music!


January 24, 2021 4:41 pm  #5

Re: Perry Botkin Jnr RIP

I note he also produced Robin Ward's Wonderful Summer, which is a record I have always enjoyed.   

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