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January 24, 2021 10:40 am  #1

The Beatles Song That Featured Ringo Playing His Knees

There are a zillion Beatles sites on the web, and they run the gamut from ordinary to great. I accidentally stumbled on one of the latter on the weekend. It's called "Beatles Music History" and it goes over in sometimes excruciating detail every known fact about the background of every Beatles song ever recorded.  

The one that caught my attention was about one of my favorite early Fab Four tunes called "I'll Follow The Sun." According to the site, the song didn't lend itself to drums or percussion, so to find something for Ringo to do, they had him literally tap on his knees with his hands! 

"I watched (engineer) Norman (Smith) carefully position a mic between Ringo's knees; then, back in the control room, he cranked up the EQ to add some extra depth to the sound."

What a great story and one I will think of the next time I hear the song. 

Beatles Music History: I'll Follow The Sun


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