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January 26, 2021 5:09 pm  #1

Why Tommy James Was Cheated Out Of Millions - But Isn't Bitter

If you've read his book about the mobster who ran Roulette Records, you already know the story. If not, here's a crash course in why he'll never see the "Mony Mony" he's owed - and why he refuses to be bitter about it.  

“If I’d been on a big, corporate label, they might well have treated me as a one-hit wonder,” he says. “With Roulette, Tommy James and the Shondells were their biggest act, so we got all the attention and Morris gave me the keys to the candy store: unlimited studio time and the opportunity to learn my craft and put a production crew together. I learned not just how to use the studio, but how to be in control of your own destiny."

‘Crime doesn't pay!’ Tommy James, the 100m-selling pop star robbed by the mob


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