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July 3, 2021 2:32 am  #1

Some FYI!

As most of you know  I met many recording artists in my radio days.  I decided to list them here on the board so that if you have any questions about them I could try to answer.  I'll list them in 3 different postings.  I'm going to use a *system as follows.  * = Shaking hands or a quick hello.  ** = A bit of conversation.  *** = An actual visit at least two minutes or more.  Here we go....
Bill Haley ***
Johnny Cash ***
Roger Miller **
Jim Ed Brown ***
Sonny James ***
Carl Perkins ***
Statler Brothers ***
Buddy Knox ***
Dolly Parton *
Jerry Wallace ***
Bill Anderson ***
Dennis Wilson * (Beach Boy)
Jimmie Rodgers ***
Pat Boone **
Marty Robbins ***
Ray Price *
Waylon Jennings ***
Tex Ritter ***
Willie Nelson ***
Ned Miller ***
Oak Ridge Boys ***
Count Basie *
Robert Goulet **
Ed Ames **
Sam The Sham **
Billy Grammer ***
(Part 2 soon)                            


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