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January 16, 2019 9:21 am  #1

Davy Jones eligible for the draft?

Some years ago I came across a book called "The Rock N' Roll Years, A Chronicle of the Lives and Times of the Rock N'Roll Generation from 1955 to the Present Day" in a resale shop.  It was published in London in 1990 and features a monthly listing of both some well-known and rather obscure news in R&R history.  This one item that struck my fancy.

In 1967 any foreign national who worked and resided in the U.S. was subject to the military draft.  British citizen Davy Jones was passed as A1 by the draft board.   At the time it was reported by a US news service that should Jones be drafted, Tim Rooney, Mickey Rooney's son, would join the Monkees as a replacement.  Jones appealed based upon the fact that he was sole support of his father and managed to be reclassified as 2A which made him unacceptable for service.



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