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January 22, 2021 1:20 am  #1

Another look back!

As we start the new year, i was thinking back to the old board and it brought to mind a couple of favorite topics that got a lot of attention.  The first was Linda Scott.  She charted 11 times on the Hot 100, and was on a TV show for awhile.  I wrote a fan letter to her in 1961 when I was in Japan and did get a return note.  Her "Starlight, Starbright" LP was the first 33 I bought with my own money, at the Tachikawa AF Base in Japan.  Her "Never In A Million Years" single was the first record I played the night I made my Top 40 radio DJ debut in September of '62.  I still have the actual 45 in my collection.  One added story...I got out of the USAF in early 1964 and went back to my folks place in Torrance, CA (L.A. County).  I was playing at a bowling alley one afternoon when I noticed a rather attractive girl about 5 lanes away.  There seemed to  be about 6 various 'suits' hanging out with her, engaged in serious conversation.  Later I got to thinking about that and after looking at the album cover of Linda's LP, I will always be convinced that it was Linda doing the bowling surrounded by agents, managers and lawyers.  I'll never know for sure but it's a fun memory to look back on.
The second is Dickey Lee whose "Laurie (Strange Things Happen)" seemed to show up in some thread about once a week.  He actually had a pretty decent career.  In addition to "Laurie", he had two Top 10 hits with "Patches" and "I Saw Linda Yesterday".  Later he rambled over to Nashville and Country Music.  While he was enjoying his Pop success in 1962, he wrote what is considered one of the all-time great country songs, a 6 weeks at #1 hit for George Jones called "She Thinks I Still Care".  Starting in 1971 until 1981, he had 17 country hits as an artist including 1 #1 "Rocky" and is credited with 20 BMI awards as a writer.
I just wanted to toss those two names into the mix and relive their memorable songs!


January 23, 2021 8:13 am  #2

Re: Another look back!

Two good topics for sure, Jim.

Linda Scott has always been one of my favorites.  Hard to pick which I like best.  Don't Bet Money Honey, Three Guesses, I've Told Every Little Star, Never In A Million Years and I Don'y Know Why were all great songs.
I was surprised to see that Laurie reached #14 on the charts, same as I Saw Linda Yesterday.  I always thought that Laurie was one of those "it should have been a hit" songs. Turns out it actually was. 


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