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January 14, 2022 2:57 pm  #1

Fred Parris, founder and leader of the Five Satins, dies
Fred Parris, the founder and longtime leader of the ’50s vocal group the Five Satins, and writer of their most memorable song, “In the Still of the Night,” died yesterday (January 13, 2022). His death at age 85 was announced on the group’s official Facebook page. The location and cause of death were not disclosed. His survivors include his wife, Emma.
When “In the Still of the Night” was released in 1956, the word “Night” was occasionally spelled “Nite.” Though it reached just #24 on the U.S. pop charts, the song’s influence has been mighty in the decades since. The doo-wop standard has been featured in such well known feature films as Dirty Dancing and The Irishman, and has been covered numerous times. (A 1992 version by the popular singing group Boyz II Men reached #2 on the Hot 100.)


January 15, 2022 11:37 pm  #2

Re: Fred Parris, founder and leader of the Five Satins, dies

I used to joke that it was a song about a bootlegger after 12 AM! But In The Still Of The Night (or Nite) is one of my fave 50s tunes. The article below has a few factoids about it that I love:

-It was written by Parris when he was on guard duty with the U.S. Army in the middle (or if you prefer) the still of the night.

-According to the article, it's the only song in Billboard Hot 100 history to have charted three times with the same song and the same version by the same artist. That must have been some amazing guard duty!

Fred Parris Dies: Singer On ‘In The Still Of The Night’ By The Five Satins Was 85


January 16, 2022 12:45 am  #3

Re: Fred Parris, founder and leader of the Five Satins, dies

Good article, but the writer is incorrect in saying that it's "the only song to have charted on the Billboard Hot 100 three separate times by the same artist with the same version each time". Leaving aside any holiday season favourites, which have sometimes appeared on the main chart and sometimes on a special chart, the same version of Monster Mash has now charted on the Hot 100 four times. 

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