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January 17, 2022 9:50 am  #1

The Weird, True Story Of The American Who Became "The Soviet Elvis"

I'd never heard of a guy named Dean Reed before, and there's no reason why I should have. It turns out the American-born-and-bred musician believed strongly in Communism and wound up in the 60s being called "The Red Elvis." He was a huge pop superstar in the Communist-controlled world and secretly dreamed of making a name for himself in his home country. 

But he never did, with his political leanings understandably not getting any traction in a U.S. gripped by the Cold War. 

He's the subject of a new film on a fairly obscure documentary service called Curiosity Stream, which means few of us will ever see it. I always thought the Soviet Union condemned rock and roll. Who knew they had a star of their own - and that he'd have originated in the United States? 

I couldn't be farther from this guy's political leanings. But what an odd and lost bit of rock history. You can see the trailer at the link below. 

‘Red Elvis’: First Trailer For Doc About U.S. Singer Dean Reed Who Became Star In Cold War Russia


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